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Our primary aim is to develop a correct structure, including breeding, health testing & bonitation for dogs both imported to & bred in the UK, while encouraging & supporting new enthusiasts with honest & impartial information.

Latest News

UKCSV held its inaugural Club Show in Louth, 20 - 22 July 2018. The event was a historic first for bonitation & included a breed seminar & breed specific classes.

UKCSV Website

Our website will continually improve & expand with correct, impartial information & factual results from bonitation & health testing of dogs in the UK.


In 1958 an inter-species study successfully bred the female Carpathian Wolf (Brita) to the male German Shepherd Dog (Cézar z Březového háje) which produced five puppies & first origins of the CSV.


With invaluable, expert support from CSV countries of origin, the Club provides bonitation - the breed specific evaluation dedicated to the continual improvement of the CSV, without compromise to health or character.



Club Membership is available for owners intending to have their dogs considered for the breeding program & individuals with a genuine interest in the future of the Czechoslovakian Vlcak in the UK.


We encourage all CSV enthusiasts, owners & breeders in both UK & countries of origin to support our aims. Without ongoing resource interaction, the breed cannot seek correct & deserved recognition in the UK.

UK Database

IN PROGRESS - UK dogs will undertake spectrum health testing & bonitation before being considered for eligibility. The Club upholds FCI CSV Breed Standard in providing a valuable resource of correct results for interested parties.


All committee roles are voluntary. Each member is wholly dedicated to the impartial improvement & correct development of this fabulous dog in the UK, without compromise to the breed standard of the Czechoslovakian Vlcak.