UKCSV Events

We are extremely proud to have achieved an historic first by hosting the inaugural bonitation in the UK. Aimed at pure breed enthusiasts we sought to establish bonitation as a required standard for the success of the breed's future in the UK.



  • Grey Storm Salto del Lupo
  • Cujo Kalimero Bohemica
  • Dobro z Iduskinej Farmy
  • Car Kalimero Bohemica

Open Bitch

  • Pearl Crying Wolf
  • Anyu Howling Shadow
  • Arei Howling Shadow
  • Baccara Kalimero Bohemica
  • Anaaya Howling Shadow
  • Iowa Grey Stripek snu

Open Dog

  • Koro
  • Korach
  • Gwynblaidd Geri s divokou krvi
  • Prospero Crying Wolf
  • Ain Sonata Carpathica
  • Akna Kotel


Puppy / Ungraded

  • Anaaya Howling Shadow

Full Graded

  • Akna Kotel
  • Anyu Howling Shadow
  • Pearl Crying Wolf
  • Korach
  • Arei Howling Shadow
  • Bacarra Kalimero Bohemica
  • Ain Sonata Carpathica
  • Gwynblaidd Geri s Divokou Krvi


Overall, the event was wonderfully educational & highly motivating. We recognise as a club we have room for improvement & have already set in motion the means to achieve this.



  • 1st - Car Kalimero Bohemica / Mr S Snajder
  • 2nd - Grey Storm Salto del Lupo / Ms L Fairfield
  • 3rd - Cujo Kalimero Bohemica / Ms L Blackhurst
  • (one absent)


  • 1st - Arei Howling Shadow / Mrs M Watts
  • 2nd - Baccara Kalimero Bohemica / Mr S Snajder
  • 3rd - Pearl Crying Wolf / Miss A Matusik
  • (zero absent)


  • 1st - Korach / Mrs M Watts
  • 2nd - Koro / Mrs M Watts
  • 3rd - Akna Kotel / Miss A Evans
  • (two absent)

SHOW Ch & Res

  • Best Puppy, Best Dog & Best In Show - Car Kalimero Bohemica / Mr S Snajder
  • Reserve Best Puppy - Grey Storm Salto del Lupo / Ms L Fairfield
  • Best Bitch & Reserve Best in Show - Arei Howling Shadow / Mrs M Watts

Judges Comments

We extend sincere thanks to our Show Judge, Mrs C M Howard.

"It was my pleasure to be invited to the first Czechoslovakian Vlcak Club Open Show, a wonderful welcoming atmosphere and hospitality, where overall quality of the dogs presented on the day was excellent. Although a few were not in favour of being handled, the majority were extremely good - a really pleasant day and thank you to the Committee for inviting me"


We extend sincere thanks to our advisors, Mrs Lenka Dragonari & Mr Peter Krotkovsky.

This was an excellent pre-bonitation seminar with exceptionally positive & educational results. With such experienced eyes, the dogs presented were run through the scrunity of bonitation with very promising outcomes - roll on 2019!

Event Photos

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